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This Week in Philanthropy: May 30 – June 5

Looking to Grow: New Avenues Emerge for Muslim American Philanthropy

Peak giving in America tends to coincide with the end-of-year holiday season. But for a group of about 3.3 million Americans, peak giving season is happening right now. While observant Muslims can give zakat to charity year round, many do so during the month of Ramadan. Typically comprising 2.5 percent of excess wealth, zakat is a form of almsgiving that makes up one of the “five pillars” of Islam.

Full article text is available via Inside Philanthropy, 05/30/2018

Could Impact Investing Replace Charitable Giving?

A new study by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute finds that both men and women embrace impact investing as a means of achieving social and financial returns. However, gender differences exist in how they approach impacting investing.

Full article text is available via ThinkAdvisor, 05/30/2018

Bitcoin Nonprofit BitGive Announces New Project and Research Collaboration

BitGive — the globe’s first bitcoin-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit — has joined hands with the University of Edinburgh to research and examine the effects of digital currencies on both national and international charities. Both organizations are seeking to develop a stronger, more organized system for allowing charities to accept virtual currency donations.

Full article text is available via Bitcoin Magazine, 05/31/2018

Gates Jumps Into International Education With $68 Million for Data-Based Solutions

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said Friday it will devote $68 million over four years to improve education for young students internationally, marking the foundation’s latest foray beyond its grant-making mainstays of global health and school improvement in the United States.

Full article text is available via The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 06/01/2018

Nonprofits Embrace New Technology to Match Donor Expectations

The philanthropic landscape is evolving faster than ever. Exponential technologies, like virtual reality, are poised to disrupt old patterns of giving. While many of fundraising’s golden rules still apply, new paradigms of philanthropic engagement are emerging.

Full article text is available via Philadelphia Business Journal, 06/01/2018

Can “Effective Altruism” Maximise the Bang for Each Charitable Buck?

Donors to charities rarely make the sort of cost-benefit calculations investors, for example, would think obligatory. So charities attract donations with pictures of smiling gap-toothed children, rather than spreadsheets showing how they actually spend their money. Tugging at the heartstrings, however, does little to allay the doubts of economists sceptical about the efficacy of charity. Who is to say whether donating to a homeless shelter is a better use of money than donating to a school?

Full article text is available via The Economist, 06/02/2018

In Search of … America’s Missing Donors

In its special report “The Disappearing Donor,” the Chronicle examines why a smaller share of Americans give to charity today than at the start of the 21st century. This trend is true across all demographics, with new data showing declines among even the religious faithful and middle-age donors, who are typically nonprofit stalwarts.

Full article text is available via The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 06/05/2018

Where Are My Donors?

It’s clear that traditional fundraising tactics are faltering, says Dave Strauss, the Nature Conservancy’s director for global membership. Many groups recognize this, but they often don’t know how to change course and don’t have the money to experiment. Facing enormous pressure to produce big-dollar results today, they put aside concerns about tomorrow. Their narrowing base of support may cause them some pain now, Strauss says, but they’re like the proverbial frog in the pot of water slowing heating up to a boil. They may not realize the danger until it’s too late.

Full article text is available via The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 06/05/2018

Facebook to Invite Users to Raise Money for Charity Jointly

Facebook said Tuesday it’s introducing a tool that will allow its users to team up to raise money for nonprofits, the latest digital fundraising innovation the social-media giant has rolled out in recent years.

Full article text is available via The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 06/05/2018