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This Week in Philanthropy: June 20 – June 26

New Facebook Fundraising Tool Brings In $1.7 Million for Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen says a digital fundraising effort with Facebook has raised more than $1.7 million and counting for its marquee Race for the Cure series. The cancer charity crossed the seven-figure mark in April, eight months into a pilot with the internet company that allows for the integration of the charity’s own Race for the Cure fundraising software and Facebook fundraising tools.

Full article text is available via The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 06/20/2018

What to Consider When Deciding Whether to ‘Spend Down’ a Foundation’s Assets

The Atlantic Philanthropies committed its final grants in 2016 and plans to close by 2020, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has decided to spend its endowment within 20 years of the death of its founders. These and other high-profile examples cause many foundation founders and trustees to wonder whether it’s wiser to stay in existence forever (“in perpetuity”) or to spend all of one’s endowment by a set date. Although more than 90 percent of the nation’s foundations are structured to remain in perpetuity, it is worthwhile to review the pros and cons of spending down and to examine how some foundations have chosen to go out of business.

Full article text is available via The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 06/21/2018

Big Gifts Flow to These Legacy Nonprofits. What Are the Takeaways?

It’s always interesting to watch how big legacy nonprofits try to stay in step with key trends in philanthropy. Surprisingly, many institutions that were founded over a century ago do a better job than you might think at moving with the times. For example, we’ve reported on how august arts organizations like Carnegie Hall have lately rolled out new initiatives on social justice and diversity.

Full article text is available via Inside Philanthropy, 06/22/2018

How Charlotte Can Break the Rules on Philanthropy

Helpful Unfettered Gifts (HUGs) are $250 no-strings-attached microgrants we gift to Charlotteans with creative ideas that need a push – be they artistic, entrepreneurial, social, civic, educational, for-profit, not-for-profit, vocational, avocational, what-have-you. We know $250 isn’t life-changing money, but it may be just enough to get a modest initiative going or keep an existing endeavor growing. That’s why we call it “nudge money.”

Full article text is available via Charlotte Observer, 06/22/2018

Former Ravens Kicker Matt Stover Helps Athletes Engage in Philanthropy

Stover says that removing the complexity that comes with establishing a new charity streamlines the giving process.  Players Philanthropy Fund (PPF) provides organizations with three platforms from which to select that include, essentially tailoring its services to help very different styles of fundraising and giving.

Full article text is available Forbes, via 06/25/2018

Report Finds Gaps, Opportunities in Impact Investment Field

While demand for impact investing and social justice grantmaking has grown, gaps in documentation and accountability have left investors with few tools to navigate the field, a report from the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation finds.

Full article text is available via Philanthropy New Digest, 06/26/2018

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Out in Philanthropy

While many foundation boards are made up of veteran philanthropists, most new and emerging foundation heads are brand-new to the world of philanthropy. The philanthropic sector has grown steadily in the past few years; in 2017, foundation giving increased by 6% and corporate giving increased by 8%, according to Giving USA. To keep up with such growth, it’s vital for a new foundation to determine how it will move forward smoothly and effectively and avoid becoming mired in a culture that stifles effectiveness.

Full article text is available via Forbes, 06/26/2018