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This Week in Philanthropy: April 24 – April 30

8 Ways Giving Days Are Evolving

Learn about how Giving Days are changing and what you can do to maximize this once-a-year opportunity.

Full article text is available via The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 04/30/2019

How to Collaborate Successfully with Others

If collaboration in its basic form presents challenges, how can we deal with the same when trying to work effectively with colleagues in fundraising, internally across the wider organisation and externally with others? What is the value in it and how do we go about it?

Full article text is available via UKFundraising, 04/30/2019

IEOs: Does it have the Capability of Becoming a Standard Model for Raising Funds in the Crypto Space?

Find out more about cryptocurrencies, their current trends, and how it may impact the future of fundraising.

Full article text is available via CryptoNewsZ, 04/30/2019

Inside the 24-Hour Fundraising Frenzy of Amplify Austin, which Raised $11 Million in Unrestricted Cash

This year, its seventh, the event aims to raise $11 million, $1 million more than the previous year’s goal — or $7,639 a minute. It’s reaching for this stretch goal with a new executive director — Courtney Manuel, a veteran fundraiser from the University of Texas, on the job a mere five weeks. Amplify is also being run for the first time on a new fundraising platform, GiveGab. More than 740 charities are hoping to raise money from the event.

Full article text is available via The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 04/30/2019

Meet Three Women Who Are Transforming Philanthropy Towards Collaboration

Moving philanthropy from an ego-system to an ecosystem is one of the three big bets that female philanthropists are making. Apart from giving circles, more female philanthropists are rising up and creating strategic initiatives centered around collaboration. This article profiles three female thought leaders in this space, who are all working with diverse collectives.

Full article text is available via Forbes, 04/27/2019

Study: Philanthropists, Nonprofits Exclude People with Disabilities

“Philanthropy-serving organizations don’t know what they don’t know and often haven’t even thought about including people with disabilities,” said Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, president of RespectAbility. “Even among well-meaning groups who are engaged in racial and gender equity overall, disability is missing.”

Full article text is available via The Non Profit Times, 04/26/2019

Online Giving Didn’t Outpace Inflation in 2018, but Monthly Donations Are on the Rise

Online giving grew just 1 percent in 2018 — not even keeping pace with the 2.4 percent inflation rate — according to a new study released today. After back-to-back years of record online giving, 2018 saw the smallest increase in digital donations in 13 years.

Full article text is available via The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 04/25/2019

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