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Make Something Go Viral? No Problem

John Haydon is a fundraising consultant and blogger who, simply put, knows his stuff. His recent post – The Secret Behind Viral Content – is chock full of good tips for producing engaging content. Go read it, then come back and finish reading this post… Back? Cool. John suggests in his post, as many social … Continue reading »

A Promising Year for Global Philanthropy

Three important activities are shaping global philanthropy. (1) the House Committee of Ways and Means is looking at tax deductions for charitable deductions; (2) the US Department of State recently emphasized the significance of the US philanthropic model and the strategic role it can play on international civil society; and (3) data is increasingly highlighting the importance of global causes.

A Powerful Video Campaign

Take a minute to watch this great video that was put out by Water is Life.  Key takeaways when you’re thinking about creating a video campaign. 1) Identify a theme.2) Choose impactful images.3) Keep it short.4) Make the ask. The only issue I see is that it should be easier to make a gift but […]

A shining example of the power of, well, filing

Did you see this amazing New York Times story of manuscripts and other Timbuktu artifacts being stored away for protection? (click here, but may be subscription-based) While the circumstances there are dramatically more dramatic than any development shop, I was moved by the care in handling these materials. And, at the risk of seeming glib, […]

February is National Constituent Record Filing Month…

…and thankfully, this is the shortest month of the year. All those who loathe filing (digital or paper), say “Aye!”. Newton had his law of gravity. Einstein devised E=MC2. My law (for this month anyhow) is that filing is universally reviled. Don’t get me wrong, Cannon’s Law of Reviled Filing doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. It doesn’t […]

Online Ambassadors–the Key to Online Fundraising

Columbia University recently raised $6.8 million in just 24 hours. Nearly all of the gifts came in online. While such a massive amount raised online in such a short time frame is incredible, it's not necessarily surprising when you consider the tactics used. First,...

What’s your GCR?

“My what?” you ask. It’s your online Giving Completion Rate. It’s the percentage of visits to your online giving form that turn into gifts. Why is this important? Because all of your efforts—from developing the greatest direct mail pieces to telling impact-of-gift stories on your website to engaging your community in conversations on social media […]

Facebook’s (continued) move into online giving

This month has focused on Business Intelligence, the process of gathering all your organization knows (typically through a centralized database and a cool data visualization tool, etc.) and improving your analysis and decision making. A key component to great BI is how to get at all of the data relevant to your constituents–bio-demographic, giving, activities, and, […]

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