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Free Webinar Recording on CRM 2.0 for the Fundraising Space

What do you know about CRM 2.0? Want to learn a little more? Join me and Katrina Klaproth for a free recording of our webinar on this interesting topic. Here is the information: Subject: BWF Webinar Series: Is Your Organization Ready for CRM 2.0? Recording URL: Recording ID: BWFCRM Attendee Key: advancement And, let […]

How the Fiscal Cliff Deal Affects Nonprofits

How the Fiscal Cliff Deal Affects Nonprofits

On January 1, 2013, in an effort to avoid the impending fiscal cliff, Congress passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (H.R. 8). Although discussions regarding tax policy and spending cuts will continue throughout the new year, the changes in H.R. 8 have...

3 Tips to Boost Your Online Fundraising in 2013

By now, news of the continued, meteoric rise of online giving as detailed in this Chronicle of Philanthropy piece hardly counts as surprising. According to that piece, in the fourth quarter of 2012, online giving grew between 36 and 38 percent, depending on what you’re measuring. Hopefully, this new set of data combined with several … Continue reading »

Are you using Infographics as reporting tools? You should be.

During National Business Intelligence (BI) Month, a number of top-notch infographics have caught my eye. These handy visuals are really reports, depicting data and details germane to a topic. But, they are also much more. They provide guidance about how to use the data. They tell a story. They provide business process guidance. In short, […]

Get your grateful patient process going

It’s 2013…a lot transpired in recent months that may affect healthcare fundraising. New and different taxes. New and different healthcare provisions. New and (potentially) different court rulings. But, one this hasn’t changed: your organization must get serious about installing and leveraging an effective grateful patient program. Great grateful patient and family programs have interrelated components–physicians […]

Saying Thanks: One Powerful Resolution for Your Alumni Program

Your staff team, and other university partners, bring to life your organization’s strategic plan, vision statement, and calendar of events. Taking time to demonstrate your appreciation for their efforts can have a powerful impact on your alumni program.  In this video, BWF consultant Margaret Sughrue Carlson shares ways to turn the spotlight on others with a simple and […]

January is National Business Intelligence Month…

…didn’t you know that? Of course you didn’t. With the holidays, closing some year-end gifts (not to mention the books), and learning an awful lot about Amazon’s post-holiday online return policy, how could you keep up with all of the information being thrown at you. It’s hard enough to have the right information, much less […]

December 2012 is National Month Month…

…or so I tweeted a few weeks ago. My plan is to envelope the work we lovingly call fundraising operations, or advancement services, or “the back office”, or “you know, that stuff they do with computers” into 12, neat monthly categories. The purpose is to drawn attention to whole sets of work that we sometimes […]

Integrated Advancement Ecosystem idea

Years ago, I created this image and phrase “integrated advancement ecosystem.” It guides my thinking, and I’ll be building on and detailing the concepts in this framework in the months to come. Some of the components are called different things by different (types of) organizations. For example, “constituent programs” for a university are generally “alumni […]

The Purpose of the (Gift) Process

“Tis the season…for bottlenecks and backlogs in our processes. Fundraising operations requires consistent, efficient processes. But, fundraising is an inconsistent business. We are in the business of the exceptional, as was the focus of my 99-1 blog a few months back. As we approach year-end with (hopefully!!) piles and piles of gifts to process, let’s […]

Change is Hard…but Decline is Worse

Development and alumni organizations face obstacles and challenges each day. It seems that pressure comes from all sides and angles. Raise more money, despite a slow economy. Engage more people, despite increasing competition for space in people’s lives. Lately, two core changes have been impacting nonprofits around the country: leadership changes and technology issues. Both […]


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