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Social Database Prospecting
Social Networks have been collecting and purchasing massive amounts of data in the past three years. This data is now available for organizations to mine and build custom audiences for cultivation purposes. The files include wealth, affinity, and giving information. This is exactly the kind of data that is useful in finding new major gift prospects.

Audience Types
Social networks allow organizations to build at least four different audience types.

  1. Custom List Audience. Load your own list (emails, phone numbers) and a social network will find your constituents and allow you to message them directly on their network.
  2. Web Traffic Audience. Place hidden tracking codes on your webpages that determine if visitors are on a social network.  If they are you can send “sponsored messages” (advertising) to them later via their social network account.
  3. Custom Criteria Audience. Build audiences from scratch on a social network using their query tools. On Facebook alone there are an average of 300K points of searchable data per user. This data includes demographic, psychographic, interest, web behavior, purchase patterns, employment, education, wealth, and giving history data.
  4. Look-a-like Audience. You can take audience types one and two and use them to build a model of individuals on these networks who look like your target.

Targeted Message Delivery
Once you have built one of these audiences you can begin delivering messages to them. The individuals remain ‘anonymous’ to you and do not need to be “following” your social accounts in order to receive a message from you. If they are in the audience they see your message.

Deliver an Offer in Exchange for Contact Info
While you are able to deliver messages, these networks will not let you see the names of these individuals unless they share it with you. That is where the creative marketing professional can help you develop offers that encourage audience members to provide their contact information to you. Offers are many but could include signing up for a newsletter, registering for an event, or downloading insider content. The goal is to obtain a name and email address.

Prospect Research
With contact information in hand prospect research can verify and rate the prospect.

Major Gift Officer
For all those prospects that are highly rated a major gift officer would qualify the prospect and place the best prospects in their portfolio.

To see this methodology in action, take a look at these case studies. Or, better yet, take advantage of our free digital analysis of your potential that will demonstrate just how many wealthy prospects you are missing.

Two Case Studies        Free Digital Potential Analysis




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