Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg recently wrote about big data themes emerging from the Strata+Hadoop World conference, held at the end of September in New York.

The conference bills itself as a deep dive into emerging techniques and technologies between cutting edge science and business fundamentals. Particularly, it serves as a venue for speakers and vendors to focus on the data issues that shape all aspects of business.

Generally, the article spoke to the various big data solutions offered by today’s top corporate vendors. One line stood out, though: Mr. Bloomberg reported that a major theme of the conference was that “we’re past the ‘science project’ phase of big data and onto the business value, enterprise-grade phase.”

BWF clients have echoed very similar sentiments recently as well. Leadership doesn’t need to be sold on using data to drive decision making anymore – that case has already been made through effective application of data analytics.

Rather, today’s focus is on what comes next: Implementation. Translating data science into real value for fundraising operations. Using techniques like predictive modeling to identify top prospects (and the best channels for reaching them), and applying analytics-based solutions to portfolio optimization and performance metrics.


Full article text is available via Forbes, October 2, 2016.

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