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BWF’s 7th annual survey of the fundraising analytics community found that the role of data analytics in fundraising is evolving. Successful shops are investing in more sophisticated tools and methodologies, and leadership is a growing consumer of data-driven insights.

Data analysts see this as an opportunity to further develop their own skills and expand their knowledge base — Fundraising shops are hungry for talent!

For a programmatic perspective, the Forbes Nonprofit Council shared five major focal areas for ensuring a successful analytics program:

  1. Make the return on investment obvious.
  2. Visualize your data.
  3. Focus on the relevant metrics.
  4. Develop a yearly fundraising plan.
  5. Personalize your donor gifts.

As data scientists continue advancing the field of fundraising analytics with cutting-edge statistical applications, it’s critical that we focus on these key approaches to fully leverage the insights from our data. Read the full article at Forbes here.

To learn more about analytics at BWF Insight and get started with developing your analytics plan, check us out at www.bwfinsight.net

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