Many nonprofit fundraising shops have long since recognized the value and power of their own internal datasets. Good leaders know that evaluating and analyzing our data leads to important insights that inform our decision making and goal setting processes.

A common sticking point in fully realizing this value, however, and in the adoption and integration of data analytics within an organization, is effective implementation of the analysis results.

We often hear questions like, “We’ve done the analysis, now what?” or, “Where do we go from here?”

Additionally, projects can falter from a lack of buy in or from false starts.


It turns out, though, that these challenges aren’t unique to fundraising. The Harvard Business Review wrote in March 2017 about How the Water Industry Learned to Embrace Data by focusing their implementation efforts on process and people.

Specifically, the water industry found that it’s imperative to “break down silos and adopt new decision support systems when implementing new technologies.” Furthermore, a change in business process based off new analytical tools often called for re-defining how they set goals and measured success against them – including regular reviews of performance-against-goals.

The article is an interesting read if you’re facing challenging in implementing a new analytics product or service in your shop. To learn more about analytics and implementation at BWF Insight check us out at


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