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In this time of disruption, social distancing, and economic fluctuation, nonprofits must be laser focused on their case for support, whether that case is a set of annual fund talking points, a preliminary prospectus for an emerging project, or a fully conceived campaign document that’s being shared with donors.

As you confidently make your case in this environment of uncertainty, consider ways the disruption can act as a stimulus for innovation and new ideas.

Lead with COVID-19 and pandemic-related efforts.
Immediately tell the story of how your work is helping with issues related to the coronavirus and how your organization and core constituents are being impacted.

Focus on your mission.
Remaining steadfast in living your mission is even more vital in times of great challenge and disruption. The best philanthropic agendas were already inextricably tied to the organization’s mission.

Don’t back away from your current case for support.
Endowments will still be vital, in part to help organizations address future challenges or to replenish reserves that are now being depleted. Capital and programmatic funding will be necessary for the spaces and technology that enable missions to be carried out.

Cautiously evaluate ongoing campaigns for potential adjustments to the case for support.
As we acquire a larger body of evidence of what the pandemic impact will be, institutions can consider what, if any, changes are warranted. Revisions to case statements will likely be about additions related to the pandemic rather than wholesale elimination of major campaign priorities.

Your needs remain, though they may have shifted around a bit. In this unprecedented time of disruption due to a pandemic, it is necessary to restate, or state anew, your case for support.

For nearly 40 years, BWF has provided full-service counsel to colleges and universities along with healthcare, arts, and nonprofit organizations around the world. Contact us to discuss how we can assist your organization in reviewing and editing your case for support during this critical time.

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