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BWF Client Advisory: Giving USA 2019—The Numbers and the Story Behind Them

For many fundraisers, the release of the Giving USA report is met with the same level of excitement as the Super Bowl.  Months of buildup, anticipation, and drama culminate in one defining moment that brings to life the best of what our field has to offer.  Of course, the advertising is less enthralling and none […]

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Maintaining Fundraising Momentum

Maintaining Fundraising Momentum After Campaign Launch

The confetti has been swept up, the banners have been taken down, and your best volunteers and donors have resumed their normal lives—that’s right, your campaign is now public! Congratulations! But now what? The months and years following a campaign launch are some of the hardest for advancement teams.  The excitement of going public is […]

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Fundraising Strategies to Finish the Year Strong

November and December represent the high point of philanthropy for many organizations. So before you and your team turn your attention to lighting candles, planning celebrations, or roasting the perfect bird, now is the time to recommit to executing strong year-end fundraising strategies. For these reasons, and many more, the holiday season is a reason […]

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