Barett T. Christensen

Barett T. Christensen is a senior associate at Bentz Whaley Flessner specializing in digital and social media engagement. With 11 years of digital experience, he has helped organizations raise millions of dollars using social media. He is a recognized expert in social advertising and campaign strategy, multivariate audience segmentation and wealth targeting, message and channel selection, and real-time campaign analysis and optimization.

Before joining the firm, Barett served as professor and director of the Social Media Marketing Department at LDS Business College, where he developed the country’s first accredited degree and certificate in Social Media Marketing. Previously, Barett led development teams at Brigham Young University in marketing and communications, donor engagement and stewardship, planned giving, prospect research, and portfolio management. Barett earned a Masters of Public Administration from Brigham Young University and a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Brigham Young University. Barett is a Certified Fundraising Executive, Facebook Certified Advertiser, and a Certified Quality Process Analyst.

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