The Axis of Unfortunate Circumstances

Independent colleges will face the challenges of a changing pool of students, ongoing tuition increases, and the economy. Learn how these circumstances will impact your institution and how to adjust your development program to meet these challenges that form the “Axis of Unfortunate Circumstances.”

Neither Fish Nor Fowl

Academic medical centers often find themselves caught in the middle: they are not purely education enterprises, nor ate they solely healthcare organizations. This reality can make planning, budgeting, and campaigning challenging. Read about approaches being taken, opportunties, and what lies ahead as academic medical centers plan and implement fundraising campaigns toally outside the traditional campus model.

Gift Wrapped

Hospitals and health systems work to make donations a larger portion of the bottom line. This article in the May 9, 2005 issue of Modern Healthcare by Paul Barr includes quotes from Bill Tippie, Principal at Bentz Whaley Flessner.