Succession Planning: It is Just Good Business for Fundraising

Do you have a succession plan? A recent Chronicle of Higher Education article highlighted the number of presidential turnovers that will occur relatively soon at major institutions. It is not just the president’s departure that causes issues for fundraising across the non-profit community, but board member and development professional departures as well. This is exacerbated […]

Your thoughts, please!

At Bentz Whaley Flessner, we like to have a little fun promoting ourselves every now and again. One of the ways we do that? Creating video parodies that focus on a product or service our firm offers. The latest effort is a take off A&E’s dramatic reality show “Hoarders” where we look at the all-too-common … Continue reading »

Spotlight on the Charitable Lead Trust

The news this week that October’s IRS Discount Rate will drop to 1.4%, the lowest rate ever, puts downward pressure on our ability to market gift annuities and charitable remainder annuity trust gifts because of the slide in the charitable deduction available.The good...