Balancing when Busy

Fundraisers get busy. Indeed, being busy can be a sign of great things to come, so long as we’re busy with the right things. But, being busy can knock you out of balance. By carefully calibrating your perceptions, your performance, and your priorities, you can ensure that your daily “best practices” are really the practices […]

Social Media and Fundraising Analytics workshops: Jan. 24-26 in NY, Boston and DC

We’re hitting the road! Josh Birkholz, Principal at Bentz Whaley Flessner, and myself (Justin Ware, Director of Social Media at BWF) will be in New York City on 1/24, Boston on 1/25 and Washington, DC on 1/26 for the “Navigating Modern Fundraising: Social Media and Fundraising Analytics” workshops. Learn about Bentz Whaley Flessner’s latest innovations in … Continue reading »

Your 2012 Calendar Year End Giving Begins Now!

I know, I know…the year just began.  However, a cursory review of multiple websites indicated that many non-profits, including those with sophisticated development shops, were not prepared for the onslaught of online giving. According to blackbaud’s Report on Online Giving,  there was a 34.5% increase in 2010 over the previous year and it is likely […]

Spinning the Top

The central challenge in fundraising operations is managing data, technology, reporting, business processes, and people while balancing the countervailing forces of accuracy, speed, and volume. This new blog will focus on the difficulties that fundraisers experience and, more importantly, how to overcome these challenges, deliver results, and help our organizations raise more money and build […]