Improve Perception to Improve Partnership

Fundraising operations is a tough business. The many moving parts, the level of detail, the (mis)understanding across different departments and donors…these all make it a difficult area to effectively manage. Perception is particularly challenging to handle. Sometimes, a single anecdote shapes our colleagues’ entire view of operations. One bad gift, one bad report, or one […]

Ends vs. Means: A Balanced View of Fundraising Technology

It seems that 2012 will be a year for change in fundraising operations. The proverbial dust is starting to settle on one of the two biggest fundraising operations stories in months. In January, Datatel and SungardHE finalized their merger (click here for details). January also held the other big story about the purchase of Convio […]

Older, Wiser #2

Your campaign will flag, maybe fail, if: your constituents don’t have enough money. your constituents don’t love you enough. your constituents don’t believe you’re headed the right direction. you don’t have enough staff to discover, and then work, your prospects. your leaders (both your president and the cabinet, and the Board and other volunteer leaders) […]

Older, Wiser #1

Over the last 25 years I’ve seen dozens of “feasibility studies,” those misnamed instruments we’re convinced are needed before a campaign begins. My life would have been easier if I had known early on what they were supposed to do. Maybe it was because I was trained as an academic. Documents were to be digested […]

United by Goals

In an article titled, “United by Goals,” the November/December edition of CASE Currents discusses the importance of ensuring marketing and communications departments are integrated with the rest of the development team. BWF consultant Jennifer McDonough...