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Wendy Jaccard Joins BWF Philanthropy Services Team

MINNEAPOLIS, June 21, 2019—Josh Birkholz, President and CEO of the global fundraising consultancy Bentz Whaley Flessner (BWF), and Katrina Klaproth, President of Philanthropy Services, are excited to announce the addition of senior associate Wendy Jaccard to its team of consulting professionals. She brings over 25 years’ experience in nonprofit fundraising and has worked with federated national and […]

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In the News: BWF and AASP Announce Survey Partnership

CHICAGO, IL, November 7, 2018. Bentz Whaley Flessner (BWF) and the Association of Advancement Services Professionals (AASP) are excited to announce our recent partnership focused on the development of a long-term survey strategy and methodology. BWF’s goal is to further support AASP in assessing industry trends, ensuring that the results are broadly informative, connected to […]

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Repeal of the Athletic Seating Deduction

How has the athletic seating deduction rule worked before this year? Historically donors have not been able to deduct donations for athletic seats because they receive a benefit in return for the donation. Many colleges and universities adhered to the 80/20 principle, which only applied to athletic seating and treats 80% of the seat price […]

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Creating a Comprehensive System Training Plan

Almost every organization recognizes the value and benefits of developing training plans and delivery on your software system. When done properly, training can make employees more efficient—increasing proficiencies, productivity, and morale, while decreasing costs. Training can streamline processes and save time and increase compliance with regulations. It can even lead to a happier, more satisfied […]

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Defining Roles: Gift Processing and Finance

Understanding Distinctions Between Gift Processing and Finance Roles Organizations often struggle to fully understand the distinctions between gift processing and finance roles and responsibilities. While these departments are sometimes viewed as one, they serve different but complementary purposes. Processes and technologies must support these different functions. Outlining the goals, priorities, processes, and needs of each department […]

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data committee

Establishing a Data Governance Committee

Data is one of a fundraising organization’s most valuable tools. Data serves as the foundation for good decision making and goal setting and informs strategic priorities. However, in order to effectively employ data, proper maintenance is critical. Data governance committees can be a valuable resource in developing policies and procedures for effective data management and […]

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data dashboard

5 Tips for Getting Started with a Dashboard

The widespread adoption of data visualization in news sources and business reports has spurred the fundraising industry to adopt data visualization in its reporting. Management and staff request data visualization, often in the form of dashboards, for fundraising teams to monitor and report on production toward goals and to inform strategy development. While data visualization […]

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Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Divide Between Frontline Fundraisers and Operations Staff

The end-of-year gift processing and reporting season is over, and most advancement offices are gearing up for spring solicitations and appeals. Now is a good time to review advancement’s strategic priorities and evaluate departmental effectiveness. One critical but often overlooked aspect in achieving a successful fundraising program is the relationship and interaction between gift officers […]

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measuring fundraising success

3 Questions for Understanding Fundraising Success

Proper investment in a philanthropy office is vital to success. With that investment comes increased questions, such as “What will success look like?” These questions come from the C-suite as well as the board. Being able to properly answer the “success” questions about the results of your program can help create partnerships throughout your organization. The […]

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donor-advised fund processing

Best Practices for Processing Donor-Advised Funds

In our last client advisory, we explored donor-advised funds (DAFs)—why donors choose them, how organizations can take advantage of them, and how donor-advised funds donors are different from traditional donors. Donor-advised funds represent an important and growing fundraising opportunity. But what happens once a donor-advised fund transaction comes through a nonprofit organization’s door? How do […]

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Too Much Data

Best Practices for Data Storage and Collection

BWF Client Advisory: When *Not* to Collect and Store Data in Your Database Storing large quantities of data is no longer a technological challenge. With the widespread adoption of fundraising analytics and the next generation of scoring systems on the horizon, the impulse is for organizations to store everything. Despite the proliferation of new sources […]

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Multi-Vendor Partnerships

Multi-Vendor Partnerships

Points of Practice – Multi-Vendor Partnerships In the October 2016 issue of Bentz Whaley Flessner’s Points of Practice, author Jason Boley describes how organizations are turning to multi-vendor partnerships to address how fundraising operations have grown increasingly complex due to advances in technology and the need to support multi-channel fundraising initiatives. Whether the topic is […]

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people arrow

Research Verification is Mission Critical for Campaigns

Has your organization successfully completed a campaign, celebrated success, and immediately started planning for the next campaign? As fundraising professionals, we need to navigate these perpetual campaigns carefully. We want to be careful about re-approaching the same donors over and over again. We also need insight and information to evaluate whether we have enough prospects […]

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