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Research Verification is Mission Critical for Campaigns

Has your organization successfully completed a campaign, celebrated success, and immediately started planning for the next campaign? As fundraising professionals, we need to navigate these perpetual campaigns carefully. We want to be careful about re-approaching the same donors over and over again. We also need insight and information to evaluate whether we have enough prospects […]

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Mind the Gap: Integration Ideas at BBCON’s Higher Education Forum

The BBCON conference brings together professionals from across the globe to discuss how to leverage technology (and related processes) to support our vital missions. Within each fundraising team, integrating functions and increasing results requires thoughtful collaboration and shared understanding. Technology, communication and training, and organizational culture issues must be aligned to help the team spin […]

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New Data on Fundraising Operations and Perceptions

Different groups perceive fundraising operations differently, and this greatly affects advancement services. How do I know this? While it’s an intuitive aspect of fundraising operations work, the data are pretty clear. I completed a study in the last few weeks. The survey is an extension of work I conducted for An Executive’s Guide to Fundraising Operations, which […]

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Shining a light on how to think…

This is my favorite quote on the year:  ”You succumb to survivorship bias because you are innately terrible with statistics.” The “you” here is the Royal “You”. The author is Dave McRaney. And this gem of a statement is shorthand for saying that most folks could improve how they evaluate situations and make decisions, if they […]

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Must read for our industry

Have you read Daniel Pink’s “To Sell is Human”? It is a great, quick read about the sociology, psychology, and mechanics of selling (defined by Pink as persuasion, rather than pure sales, per se). The book (check it out here) presents some terrific tactics for increasing effectiveness of moving others. This book is especially valuable […]

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February is National Constituent Record Filing Month…

…and thankfully, this is the shortest month of the year. All those who loathe filing (digital or paper), say “Aye!”. Newton had his law of gravity. Einstein devised E=MC2. My law (for this month anyhow) is that filing is universally reviled. Don’t get me wrong, Cannon’s Law of Reviled Filing doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. It doesn’t […]

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Facebook’s (continued) move into online giving

This month has focused on Business Intelligence, the process of gathering all your organization knows (typically through a centralized database and a cool data visualization tool, etc.) and improving your analysis and decision making. A key component to great BI is how to get at all of the data relevant to your constituents–bio-demographic, giving, activities, and, […]

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