Annual Giving

Resources to maximize annual giving at your institution.

Volunteer Engagement

BWF Client Advisory: Small Shop Volunteer Engagement

Volunteers, especially in smaller nonprofit organizations, are an invaluable resource. Many of these small organizations are often run entirely by volunteers. According to Independent Sector, as of April 2018, “The updated value of a volunteer hour is the equivalent of $24.69, and 63 million Americans volunteered about 8 billion hours of their time, talent and […]

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Women Give Client Advisory Header

BWF Client Advisory: The Role of Social Norms

The newest report from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, Encouraging Giving to Women’s & Girls’ Causes: The Role of Social Norms, explores the intersection of social norms, gender, and charitable giving. This study analyzes how current giving behavior of others, future outlooks on giving, and gender affect donor behavior. The key findings that emerged from the […]

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Hosting Acquisition Events: Increase Your Leadership Annual Fund Donors

Every annual fund needs new donors and more dollars to grow and succeed (and meet increased expectations and budget goals). While that’s nothing new, what about trying a different and exciting way to acquire leadership annual fund donors? Hosting an acquisition event can be easy, fun, and low-budget. To have a successful event, you will […]

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Colleges and Universities Raise $41 Billion in 2016

Gifts to higher education reached $41 billion in fiscal year 2016, according to the latest Voluntary Support of Education (VSE) survey. This is only a 1.7 percent increase from the $40.3 billion in 2015, and almost no growth when adjusted for inflation. Harvard University raised the most money, $1.19 billion in fiscal year 2016. The top 20 higher education institutions raised a total of […]

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Finding The Wealthy With Social Media

A Case Study: What nonprofits can learn about wealth targeting from selling investment real estate on Facebook. I feel strongly about the power of the tools and strategies available today to savvy digital marketers. To put myself to the test, I decided that I would drink my own medicine and attempt to sell my home […]

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Guidance For Digital and Social Fundraising in 2017

Introductions First Hello, fellow fundraising professional. My name is Barett Christensen, recently hired Senior Associate at Bentz Whaley Flessner. If you will humor me, before we get to the predictions for 2017, it seems a brief introduction may be in order. For the last three years, I have been fully focused on building the country’s […]

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Improved Leadership Annual Giving Program

Three Reasons to Reinvest, Revitalize, or Initiate Leadership Annual Giving

Leadership Annual Giving Benefits Annual giving staff can often feel as if they are being pulled in multiple directions with priorities ranging from expanding the donor base, building a pipeline, and raising unrestricted dollars. The result is that annual giving staff are often left to determine—with finite resources available—how they can allocate and prioritize time […]

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A Powerful Video Campaign

Take a minute to watch this great video that was put out by Water is Life.  Key takeaways when you’re thinking about creating a video campaign. 1) Identify a theme.2) Choose impactful images.3) Keep it short.4) Make the ask. The only issue I see is that it should be easier to make a gift but […]

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What’s your GCR?

“My what?” you ask. It’s your online Giving Completion Rate. It’s the percentage of visits to your online giving form that turn into gifts. Why is this important? Because all of your efforts—from developing the greatest direct mail pieces to telling impact-of-gift stories on your website to engaging your community in conversations on social media […]

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