Is Your Alumni Program Ready for a “Sea Change”?

A recent Huffington Post article explored changing demographics among alumni populations at colleges and universities. With students of color comprising one-third of last year’s graduating class, author Marybeth Gasman urges schools to prepare for a “sea change” in their alumni communities, noting that “few colleges are prepared or preparing to engage their very diverse alumni.” […]

What to Do When the Sky Is Falling: How Alumni Associations Respond in Campus Crises

We often say that alumni associations are the lifetime connection between alumni and their alma mater. Never is this connection more important, or more tested, than in a crisis. Consider Penn State’s Sandusky scandal (2011), Virginia Tech’s campus shooting (2007), or the University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors governance crisis (2012). The alumni associations at […]

The Smell of Support, and Other Alumni Engagement News

Here’s a roundup of recent alumni engagement-related news. The Smell of Support: Notre Dame Unveils Fragrance Line Notre Dame alumni and fans have a new way to show their enthusiasm for the university. The Notre Dame fragrance line will be available this fall in his and hers fragrances: ND Gold Eau de Toilette and Lady […]