Bentz Whaley Flessner

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Women’s Philanthropy Institute Council

The WPI Council is a group of volunteer leaders committed to advancing the vision and mission of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute. Council members serve as ambassadors to external stakeholders, elevate the Women’s Philanthropy Institute profile, and strengthen the institute’s global impact. Bruce Flessner is proud to serve on this committee that recognizes in order to tackle challenges large and small, our world needs more strategic philanthropy.

As women’s philanthropy continues to evolve, and women approach making up nearly half of American millionaires, it becomes evident that women can lead this charge and harness their growing wealth and influence to create a more just, equitable, and healthy society. To unlock the full potential of women’s philanthropy, we must understand how gender shapes giving behavior. To build a powerful and diverse force of female philanthropists, we need to understand more about what drives women to give. Find Out More.