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Consuming Philanthropy: How Principal, Major, Mid-Level, and Base Donors Give Differently

The most productive and sustainable philanthropy programs maintain distinct yet deeply strategic approaches to fundraising by gift levels. Although level breakdowns vary by institution, the most common bands in mature programs include: Principal, Major, Mid-Level, and Base. Read more as BWF CEO Josh Birkholz shares his thoughts on the most effective approaches for each band of […]

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Principal Gifts: Why Malcolm Gladwell is Only Half Right

Over the past few years, the rising influence of high-net worth philanthropy has led to considerable debate. In the decade since the 2009 recession, giving has grown at unprecedented levels. During this time period, charities with business models aligned with high net-worth donors have seen the greatest period of growth. Read more as BWF’s President […]

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Analytics: Not Just for Prospecting

A great evolution in the application of data science to development that is taking place. Analytics is a catalyst of a broader transformation in the core business model of fundraising, providing insight into the operating methodology, practical applications for increasing return on investment, and perspective on the relative benefits of organizational modification.

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Metrics for Prospect Management

Client Advisory – July 22, 2011 Frequently, clients ask us to outline the best metrics for managing the important work of fundraising. Our first response to such questions is always, “why?”. We are not questioning the validity of the request, but rather the goal of the metrics. As with any field, there are infinite ways […]

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Identifying Your Bright Spots: Common Vs. Distinguishing Characteristics

Today a growing number of non-profits are integrating a data-driven approach into everything from long-term strategic planning to daily operations. Data-mining, more specifically predictive modeling, has emerged as a crucial tool allowing many organizations to gain deeper insights into their constituents and greater efficiencies within their operations. At DonorCast we like to explain the goals of […]

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IBM buys Unica

I generally don’t post many press releases here, but this brings me back. When I took some of my first data mining classes, we used Model One by Unica. Now, I am a rather ardent SPSS user. IBM has bought both SPSS and Unica, so these worlds have col…

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