Introducing BWF Insight

Bentz Whaley Flessner is pleased to announce a new consolidated division providing services in prospect development and analytics—BWF Insight. After ten years of success, BWF is retiring the name of its analytics practice, Donorcast, and combining forces with its strong team in prospect development to provide a comprehensive service approach for modern pipeline management and organizational infrastructure. […]

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Metrics That Really Work

After many years of analyzing nonprofits going into campaigns, we’ve seen three primary drivers for achieving substantial increases in production. Simply put these are who we see, how we see them, and who sees them. In other words portfolio composition for the frontline, more effective fundraiser activity, and larger, better aligned frontline fundraiser teams. Although […]

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Are You Keeping Score?

The business of fundraising has become big, but are we becoming Big Business? Arguably, the biggest change this generation has seen is the shift in our core business model. Historically, it was sufficient to know the wealthy constituents in town, go to the right country clubs, and attend the matinee at the symphony to find […]

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Research Verification is Mission Critical for Campaigns

Has your organization successfully completed a campaign, celebrated success, and immediately started planning for the next campaign? As fundraising professionals, we need to navigate these perpetual campaigns carefully. We want to be careful about re-approaching the same donors over and over again. We also need insight and information to evaluate whether we have enough prospects […]

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Insight Analysis. In God We Trust; All Others Bring Data

These words by Deming are often used by evangelists of the data sciences to make one specific point. Trust is not an effective strategy. But insight is. The modern major-gift fundraising program is at a crossroads of business model maturity. In a sector historically managed by top-of-mind relationship management, the scale of expectations have pushed […]

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Donors Benefiting From Philanthropy Seen as Bad Form, Study Finds

Giving to charity may actually hurt a company’s reputation, a new study from the Yale School of Management has suggested. Interested in how people view donors who make a profit while doing good, Yale professors George Newman and Daylian Cain presented a number of charitable scenarios to their research participants. Their findings, which have been published in […]

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Kellogg Foundation Pledges $40 Million to Detroit Revitalization Efforts

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan, has announced a commitment of $40 million to a fund that has been created to support the revitalization of a bankrupt Detroit, boosting the total pledged to the fund by foundations to $370 million. Kellogg joins the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, theMcGregor Fund, and the Kresge, Ford, Knight, Davidson, Erb Family, Hudson-Webber, and Mott foundations in responding to an […]

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Colorado Health Foundation Awards $8.75 Million for Healthy Schools Initiative

RMC Health, in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Education, today announced it has been awarded a three-year, $8.75M grant from the Colorado Health Foundation for its Healthy Schools Colorado Initiative. The program will address childhood obesity and create a culture of health by implementing a coordinated approach to healthy schools in 12 Colorado school districts, […]

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