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The sums charities raised online last year grew 21 percent compared with 2011 totals, and the number of Internet donations they received climbed 20 percent, according to a new report that analyzes online fundraising and advocacy at 55 charities. The 2013 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study was published by M+R Strategic Services, a fundraising and advocacy consulting company, and [...]

This year the Unicef Tap Project is harnessing social media in a big way to raise funds for clean water for children worldwide. Droga5, the New York-based advertising agency that has worked to develop the Unicef Tap Project since it was introduced in 2007, has created a special Facebook app that lets users make a [...]

Online giving soared 13.7 percent amid a 3.6-percent spike in overall giving during this past January compared with the same time period in 2012, according to the latest Blackbaud Index. The Charleston, S.C. fundraising and software firm tracks more than 3,000 organizations monthly that use its software, making up about $8 billion in annual charitable [...]

Did you see this amazing New York Times story of manuscripts and other Timbuktu artifacts being stored away for protection? (click here, but may be subscription-based) While the circumstances there are dramatically more dramatic than any development shop, I was moved by the care in handling these materials. And, at the risk of seeming glib, […]

Columbia University recently raised $6.8 million in just 24 hours. Nearly all of the gifts came in online. While such a massive amount raised online in such a short time frame is incredible, it’s not necessarily surprising when you consider the tactics used. First, Columbia knew that to have a successful campaign, they would need [...]

This month has focused on Business Intelligence, the process of gathering all your organization knows (typically through a centralized database and a cool data visualization tool, etc.) and improving your analysis and decision making. A key component to great BI is how to get at all of the data relevant to your constituents–bio-demographic, giving, activities, and, […]

Columbia University raised $6.9-million, most of it online and in 24 hours, by running a contest to see which of its 16 schools could produce the most money for the institution’s annual fund. Giving Day, held in October, was the brainchild of CloEve Demmer, director of Columbia’s annual fund. Ms. Demmer says she got the [...]

Holiday greeting videos are a great tool for bringing alumni, donors, and friends back to campus virtually, but the holidays aren’t the only time for video greetings. Think about other times during the academic year to engage your constituents through an up-beat, celebratory message, like the beginning of the school year, homecoming, the announcement of a […]

Using Social Media to Unlock Your Alumni Magazine The right social strategy can help your print magazine do its job year-round. Cameron Pegg of Griffith University looks at how some universities are using social media to extend and enhance the reach of their magazines. CASE Celebrates 100 Years of Alumni Engagement In 2013, CASE will […]

Many charities are losing support because they don’t take full advantage of the ways donors want to give, volunteer, and advocate on a nonprofit group’s behalf, two new studies suggest. For example, 40 percent of American donors under the age of 35 said they have used a mobile phone or other device to make a [...]