Five reasons why fundraisers leave – the challenge of keeping talent in a time of competition

We’ve seen and heard a lot about fundraiser turnover – that the average tenure is 2 years or less an an institution, that millennials don’t have staying power because they’re always looking for the next big thing, that non-profits can’t keep up with rising salaries and titles available in the big shops. But where does […]

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Happy Friday

I saw this incredible photo on the web earlier this week and wanted to share for fun. The image is of Margaret Hamilton, a computer scientist who was the lead software engineer for Project Apollo.  This photo, snapped in 1969, … Continue reading →

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Prospecting at the Speed of Philanthropy

Predictive modeling, the process of using data patterns to predict future activity, is well established in fundraising for identifying prospects, prioritizing portfolios, and increasing return on annual giving investments. However, for many organizations, these likelihood indicators remain static for many … Continue reading →

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BWF Client Advisory – The Growing Challenge of Finding and Retaining Operations Talent

In this week’s Client Advisory, Bentz Whaley Flessner addresses the challenges of finding and retaining fundraising talent. As talent management rises in its prominence in leadership concerns, conference agendas, and resource investment, organizations must ensure that the conversation targets both the frontline and the infrastructural talent to make true development success a reality.

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Principles of Training New Major Gift Officers – Part II

Last week we discussed two of the essential principles for training new major gift officers: understanding the donor perspective and clear definition of the donor cycle. This week we have three more. Beyond orienting fundraisers to the nature of major gift philanthropy, organizations must seek to broaden the aptitude of these professionals to work with […]

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