Volunteers Help Organizations

Maximizing Volunteer Impact

Ask any development office what they’d like more of, and the answer is probably time and money. Maximizing volunteer impact can help create more of both. Not only are volunteers key to helping your organization with outreach and impact, but they can also be some of the most loyal donors. Volunteering Positively Impacts Giving Studies clearly […]

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BWF Welcomes New Executive Team Members

BWF is proud to announce Katrina Klaproth and Mark Marshall as new principals on their executive team. Joining existing principals Bruce Flessner and Josh Birkholz, Katrina and Mark will help frame and guide the future direction for BWF. As a global fundraising consultancy, BWF has a reputation for innovation in development program organization, data science, […]

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Senior Associate, Universities – Education Practice

BWF consultants are experienced professionals who create timely solutions out of complex challenges. We’re motivated by our clients’ success and a desire to transform philanthropy. For over thirty years, BWF consultants have partnered with leading private and public universities to realize record-setting philanthropic goals, effectively engage their ever-growing constituencies, and build strong advancement programs. We are expanding our consulting […]

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Analytics: Not Just for Prospecting

A great evolution in the application of data science to development that is taking place. Analytics is a catalyst of a broader transformation in the core business model of fundraising, providing insight into the operating methodology, practical applications for increasing return on investment, and perspective on the relative benefits of organizational modification.

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Project Associate, Development Operations and Systems

As a Project Associate at BWF, you’ll use your expertise in database management and fundraising operations to help organizations across the country strengthen their development efforts and advance their missions. Working with the Systems and Operations Practice, you’ll partner with and learn from industry-leading consultants as they help clients to discover solutions to their operations […]

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Introducing BWF Insight

Bentz Whaley Flessner is pleased to announce a new consolidated division providing services in prospect development and analytics—BWF Insight. After ten years of success, BWF is retiring the name of its analytics practice, Donorcast, and combining forces with its strong team in prospect development to provide a comprehensive service approach for modern pipeline management and organizational infrastructure. […]

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Metrics That Really Work

After many years of analyzing nonprofits going into campaigns, we’ve seen three primary drivers for achieving substantial increases in production. Simply put these are who we see, how we see them, and who sees them. In other words portfolio composition for the frontline, more effective fundraiser activity, and larger, better aligned frontline fundraiser teams. Although […]

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Are You Keeping Score?

The business of fundraising has become big, but are we becoming Big Business? Arguably, the biggest change this generation has seen is the shift in our core business model. Historically, it was sufficient to know the wealthy constituents in town, go to the right country clubs, and attend the matinee at the symphony to find […]

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