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The largest community giving day in history just broke its own record. Organizations participating in the second year of Give Local America, held May 5-6, raised $68.5 million over about 24 hours, 29 percent more than last year’s inaugural event. More than 9,000 nonprofits participated, building on the growing trend of local giving days, which harness [...]

Foundations are the new Birkin bags. Everyone who is anyone has one. Giving is now chic. Far from being in denial about it, many wealthy people fret over rising inequality these days, in public and in private. When they do, giving invariably comes up — whether traditional charity, multiple-bottom-line investing or corporate social responsibility. What [...]

Count Bill Gross among the world’s biggest philanthropists. The bond investor has already given away as much as $700 million and eventually will donate his remaining $2 billion fortune, a figure that’s “staggering, even to me,” Gross said in an interview on Bloomberg Television. “I define success differently now than five or ten years ago,” [...]

The second-largest gift in its history will bring a new campus center to Yale University by 2020. Stephen A. Schwarzman, 68, founder of the Blackstone Group and a 1969 Yale alumnus, will donate $150 million to transform the Yale Commons and Memorial Hall into a center “dedicated to cultural programming and student life at the [...]

Annual giving teams face a number of challenges when making the big push for fiscal year-end. Unlike the calendar year-end, there is no tax deadline to motivate prospects to act; therefore, developing a sense of urgency can be difficult. In this Client Advisory, Bentz Whaley Flessner presents strategies to help you overcome this and other obstacles and achieve your best year-end yet.

After spending $271 million over the past 15 years to study and create affordable housing, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is winding down such investments, reports the Chicago Tribune. Along with the loss of funds, advocates fear the move by one of Chicago’s biggest grant makers will dim interest in the issue among [...]

While billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have made well-publicized pledges to donate most of their wealth, U.S. millionaires largely plan to bequeath the vast majority of their money to their children and devote less than 10 percent to philanthropy, according to CNBC survey of high-net-worth people. Among 750 millionaires polled for the [...]

Many nonprofits see online giving as little more than a gimmick. But it may hold the key to strengthening ties with donors. Bryan breckenridge is a tech evangelist. As executive director of, a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit, he helps charities such as Teach for America and Livestrong put cloud-based technologies to use. And like [...]

The University announced on Monday that it received a $10 million donation from an anonymous donor to establish the Kahneman and Treisman Center for Behavioral Science and Public Policy at the Wilson School. This is the second $10 million donation in the last month. The last such gift, which was received in mid-April, will be [...]

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