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John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John’s International, announced Tuesday a multi-million dollar donation to the University of Louisville to create a program aimed at studying the economics of entrepreneurship with minimal government intervention. Schnatter’s $4.64 million gift, with an additional $1.66 million from the conservative donor Charles Koch Foundation, will establish the John H. [...]

Talent management is a hot topic in the field of fundraising for a good reason; the data has repeatedly shown that non-profit success often lives or dies in the hands of a few high-performing fundraisers. 2015 will require non-profit leaders to face the talent crisis head on. The following anticipated trends for 2015 will drive … Continue reading

Recent stats reveal an important emerging trend in philanthropy: today’s donors are interested in impact. In this week’s Client Advisory, BWF outlines a few things nonprofits can do to demonstrate their organization’s impact.

A $1 million donation to Beth-Israel Deaconess in Plymouth will help launch and sustain the hospital’s substance abuse program. Vice-President of Philanthropy at Beth-Israel Deaconess-Plymouth, Cyndy Outhouse, said this generous donor’s contribution will help tackle the growing opiate epidemic impacting families and individuals on the south shore. “Somewhat visionary i would say, helping us launch the [...]

Longtime music and movie executive David Geffen just spent quite a bit of money to leave an even greater legacy than he already is. Geffen has promised $100 million to Lincoln Center, the central location for much of New York City’s high-art experiences. As part of the deal, the Center will rename Avery Fisher Hall [...]

The University of Chicago is using a $10 million gift from the Pritzker family foundation to create a network of five laboratories to design and test solutions to the inner city’s toughest issues: Crime, health, education, poverty and wise use of energy and the environment. The Urban Labs will include two labs that already exist [...]

University of South Florida’s School of Communications will now bear a giant ‘Z’ distinctive of South Florida’s Zimmerman Advertising. USF Trustee Jordan Zimmerman has given the arts and science college, which houses the school, $10 million in exchange for his name and his firm’s logo on the side of the building, Zimmerman Advertising spokeswoman Marci J. Grossman said before an unveiling [...]

  Being an occasional procrastinator, I found myself drawn to a recent Chronicle of Higher Education blog post titled “Procrastination, Our Old Frenemy.” The item, by Jason B. Jones of Connecticut’s Trinity College, is thought-provoking and challenges those of us who tend to dawdle and delay (as most of us do from time to time) … Continue reading

Facebook’s ever changing algorithm now means that, unless you have a paid ad strategy driving content, the vast majority of your followers will never see the posts you share from your organization’s Facebook page(s). The “Death of Organic Reach,” as some call it, is detailed in this post from SocialToaster’s Brian Razzaque. In the post, […]

Yale University is sitting on almost $1 billion of cash in its endowment as the school seeks out new investments. Yale, one of the world’s wealthiest universities, was holding 3.5 percent of its $23.9 billion endowment in cash as of June 30, up from 1.6 percent the previous year, the school said in an investment [...]