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eBay founder Pierre Omidyar has given away 10 percent of his shares in the ecommerce company, part of a massive philanthropic initiative from a multi-billionaire who has indicated his desire to give away most of his fortune. In a regulatory filing this week, eBay disclosed that Omidyar, who serves on the company’s board of directors, gave […]

The New York Philharmonic opened its new season Thursday by announcing a record donation. The chairman of the orchestra’s board, Oscar Schafer, and his wife, Didi, are giving $25 million. It’s said to be the largest individual gift in the orchestra’s history. $20 million of the gift will be used to build its endowment and […]

Anthropology graduate students will have more hands-on opportunities at the UA, as two alumni have donated $3 million to support graduate research. Philip and Kathe Gust delivered a generous gift to the UA School of Anthropology at the 100th anniversary commemoration on Sept. 15. The couple donated $3 million to support graduate students during their […]

Childress Klein, the Charlotte-based commercial real estate developer, donated $2.5 million on Wednesday to UNC Charlotte’sCenter for Real Estate to endow a professorship and provide funds for faculty fellowships and master’s degree training programs. With matching state funds anticipated for the professorship, the gift’s total impact will be $3.2 million, Chancellor Phil Dubois announced at […]

He may have made his fortune in China’s property market, but Dr Chau Chak Wing is making a name for himself in higher education, with yet another multimillion dollar donation to an Australian university. A $15 million gift from the reclusive Chinese-Australian entrepreneur will help fund a new museum at the University of Sydney. The […]

Men and women emphasize different charitable priorities as their incomes grow, according to a new study of married couples’ giving patterns. When the woman’s income increased, the couple was more likely to give, and to give more, to relief charities and nonprofits that provide basic needs, such as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, […]

Raising capital may be de rigueur in Silicon Valley, but there’s a whole other trend these days that involves giving it away. The cause du jour is the dramatic refugee crisis threatening to spin out of control across the Middle East and much of Europe. Both Google and Apple have in recent days announced big […]

Wellington residents Jeremy Jacobs, Margaret Jacobs and their family have dipped back into their pockets to help to the University of Buffalo. The latest installment comes in the form of a $30 million dollar donation to the university’s medical college expansion. The family’s donations to the university now total more than $50 million. With the […]

Montana State University announced on Thursday that the late Bill Wurst, a 1959 alumnus in electrical engineering, has left $4 million to the MSU College of Engineering as a gift from his estate. The gift will be used as matching funds for the university’s planned Norm Asbjornson Innovation Center. “Mr. Wurst’s gift will help provide […]

Harvard University, the world’s richest school, will collect another multimillion donation, this one for its medical school. The Warren Alpert Foundation has pledged $20 million to fund several initiatives including immunological research, the school said in a statement Thursday. Warren Alpert, who founded Warren Equities Inc., a closely held investment management company, died in 2007 […]