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Good social media strategies often start with the question “how can we use these tools to provide something of value for our constituents?” In other words, how can your organization leverage Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blogs, and whatever else to better serve your supporters? …how can social media be part of your organization’s overall stewardship … Continue reading »

It’s an age-old (in social media time) and still relevant question – “what do we tweet?” The easy answer is, “something that’s useful, valuable, and fun for your audience.” For a specific example of a Twitter account that covers those three things and more, check out Syracuse University’s @WorkingOrange. The @WorkingOrange Twitter account is run … Continue reading »

Another online ambassador program has resulted in a 7-figure-plus fundraising campaign for a higher education institution. This time, it’s the University of Dayton and their I Love UD campaign. In addition to the spectacular fundraising haul and large number of new donors acquired (27 percent of the 3,016 donors were making their first ever gift … Continue reading »

We work in fundraising. So when we think about return on investment or ROI, the “return” part of that acronym usually has something to do an increase in gifts and dollars given. Of course, for those of us whose fundraising experience extends beyond running a bake sale, we know there’s more to a nonprofit’s budget … Continue reading »

4 Tips to Help You Build a Program that Benefits Your Organization AND Your Online Ambassadors When you consider how quickly a message travels online and you see the ever-growing list of successful online campaigns that utilize ambassadors – the most recent being Georgetown’s “City Challenge” – it’s easy to assume that online ambassadors are … Continue reading »

A very common and great question social media philanthropists are often asked is “how do we raise money using Facebook?” Short answer? “Very creatively.” But a more serious and useful answer is “through a smart Facebook ad strategy.” If you know your donors’ email addresses, then you can send an ad directly to their Facebook … Continue reading »

A new trend is starting to emerge that provides nonprofits with yet another reason to ramp up their online and social media giving efforts – the “long tail” of giving that follows those short-burst online fundraising campaigns. The roughly 24- to 72-hour, mostly-online or online-only campaigns have already proven themselves to be excellent tools for … Continue reading »

The average gift made online is more than $100 higher than the average direct mail gift and $150 higher than the average gift given via telemarketing. So it’s no surprise that colleges and universities are redoing their online giving websites to be more engaging and donor friendly. One method of achieving a more donor-friendly approach, is by mimicking the process that so many online consumers have grown accustomed to in the past decade – the online shopping cart.

UNICEF Sweden is taking shots at its online supporters who, for example, “like” activity the organization posts on Facebook. A recent ad campaign from the Sweden branch of UNICEF is rather bluntly telling its supporters that so-called vanity actions on social networks – the likes, shares, pins, retweets, etc. – do nothing to further the … Continue reading »

When producing an email for donors, the following are a couple tips for grabbing your supporters’ attention: Keep it short. Provide engaging content (like a video or an awesome picture). As often as possible, make it about the donor. Avoid making an ask in every email. As is often the case, the online team at … Continue reading »